Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Past Seasonal Celebrations

Here in Minnesota we've been enjoying amazingly gorgeous weather.  Even for those of us who are not All-Stars fans, we treat such days as jewels because they are so rare.  Body temperature weather, sunny days, blue skies, sandals, and not too many mosquitoes.  These are all things to celebrate.

I didn't blog much in the winter because I was doing other writing, but in some ways I'd like to give winter its fair shake.  So, here's a brief look back about six months ago at the jewels (aka, coping mechanisms) and things celebrated in the months of January - March. 

Finding creative ways to keep warm...

Time lapse photography:

Going on a Sweater Binge at Marshall's...

Hanging out at the library or coffee shops with fireplaces...

Home-made granola and Red Velvet Coffee (from WorldMarket)...


Watching the entire Foyle's War series...


God bless Tiksi

With several days below zero, I must have been getting desperate because I started looking up weather reports in places that would be colder than Minnesota.  No one permanently lives in Antarctica so I couldn't use that.  Instead I found a nice little city in Siberia called Tiksi.  Tiksi, Russia has a population of about 5000. 

On Jan. 28 Tiksi got down to -42° F and had only 4 hours of daylight.  (The sun rose at 11 a.m. and set at 3 p.m.)  At one point the temperature was 50 below.  "God bless Tiksi," I would say as I put on my long underwear, listened to or became part of the traffic reports, shoveled wet snow or inhaled bitter cold dry air. 

But then there was the one day when Tiksi got up to 19° F.  They were warmer than Minnesota.  "See, that's what you get for comparing," a friend of mine teased me.  

In the short summer months Tiksi doesn't get much above 34° F, but today Tiksi's high is supposed to be 64° F.  And at this point in the year, they're at almost 24 hours of daylight, although it's mostly cloudy and rainy.  God bless Tiksi.

Winter vacations to Florida... 

(In March my spouse told me he'd booked helicopter tickets to Tiksi for our vacation.  Since I had shown so much interest in the area he figured I really wanted to go.  NOT!!)  

And my favorite for this year:  

Winter Tomatoes

Last summer the squirrels nabbed most of my nurtured and prized red ones.  I brought the plant in for the winter and ended up harvesting a whole bowl of tomatoes that I used for either gazpacho or salsa or spaghetti sauce.

This humble and abused tomato plant thrived all winter, and, though scraggly and sun-deprived, it produced at least half a dozen more tomatoes. 

This summer, the squirrels are gone.  We had major repairs made to our retaining wall so they removed the nearby trees (squirrel homes).  Results:  The tomato plant lives on!

March 2014
July 2014

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