Monday, July 14, 2014

Distractions - Of Cupcakes and Cellphones

I realized today one of the reasons why I write this blog is to provide myself with rare opportunities to start and complete projects in a small period of time.  Another reason is to show the positive and artistic benefits of living in the Twin Cities.  But really, if I'm going to truly represent "Slices of the Minneapple Life" then I have to accept the tart and bruised slices along with the sweet ones.

Maybe that's why I didn't really write much during the winter.  It was a cold, bitter pill, this past early 2014, but I can save that story for another day.

Today I set out at 9:00 a.m. for the local library to do research and edit some novel chapters that are fermenting and turning into science projects, at least in my own brain.  The biggest distraction for my writing is research itself.  You think I'd know by now that I can't always find the essence or historical details of my story's setting with a simple Google search.  And of course every sentence that I write this morning seems to be overworked and underachieved, not quite hitting the mark that I so desire. 

So, I'm spinning my wheels and it's getting toward 11:00, and all I can think about is - I WANT A CUPCAKE!  And this is a big deal.  It's been a while since I've had a cupcake.  At parties and weddings I can only admire these treats and fend off my cravings by tasting a dab of frosting from my spouse's plate.  

So I weigh the options - the nearby co-op might have gluten free cupcakes, but they usually have eggs and/or dairy.  My gut's already tore up from something I ate over the last few days.  And they're probably out of cupcakes by now anyway.  I could make cupcakes at home, but that would take some time.

And while I'm sitting there, someone's loud cell phone rings.  And rings.  And rings.  It's sitting plugged in but unattended on the table ahead of me.  The security guard picks it up and looks around for the owner.  There are no takers.  So, he asks the kid across the aisle if it's his, and then quietly tells the youngster not to leave his phone unattended, besides there are plugs right next to his work station. 

An hour later, a guy across the aisle and farther in front of me is watching some sort of reality video of someone's morning routine - getting out of bed, getting up, going into the bathroom - and I'm thinking, oh, I hope this doesn't go into some porn thing.  But it doesn't.  The guy watching the video, wearing headphones, takes them off and has that wigged out look that I can relate to - of spending too much time on the Internet and getting nowhere. 

He gets up, goes over to where the phone was.  The phone's gone, the kid's gone, and in the end he and the security guard are standing at the front desk discussing his loss.

PEOPLE, do not leave your personal electronics unattended in a public place!!

For me, the story has a happy ending. After all, I finished my daily blog.  I also went down to the co-op and found one last package of gluten free cupcakes.  They have eggs, but eggs have lesser consequences than gluten or dairy.

Happy Monday, everyone!

Canyon Bakehouse Cupcakes
GF, DF, contains eggs

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