Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Deck Garden Update

Ok, excuse me, but I don't know why my Deck Garden entry from July 5th decided to spontaneously republish itself... three times in a row, but since we're here, I thought I'd do an update of my humble deck garden in light of the warm Indian summer weather we've been having.

So, here are the before and after pictures.  Before is from July 5th and after is from today.

Shamrock plant - before

Shamrock - looking good!

my lop-sided citronella plant...

...turned into a bush!
I had to put it in a bigger pot.
Not sure where I'm going to put it when
I bring it in for the winter.


Anaheim Peppers - Still going strong
Anaheim Peppers - before

Parsley - before
Parsley - I made pesto one time and
it never really grew back.

My basil is doing really well.  I had to re-pot one of them, and when I did, it really flourished.

Basil - before
Basil - before

Basil - after

I've been using my wet-weather loving mint all summer for making tea and mint lemonade, or I just chew on a few leaves while I'm out watering the other plants.  At one point I forgot to water the mint and it got all dry and crusty, so I trimmed off all the leaves and stored in a bag.  The whole plant promptly grew back, full but more conservative-looking.
Mint - before
Mint - after

Thyme - before

Thyme - after

I had to double check these two photos.  They look the same.

And of course, the two tomato plants - ratty looking, and I blame the squirrels for this.  Unfortunately, I didn't get too many red tomatoes because the squirrels seemed to have acquired a taste for the cayenne.  Either that or they just didn't care.  One time I found a half of a long-awaited prized red tomato lying in the front yard.  Chomped!

So, now I'm fighting for the new crop of green ones, but I've even found some of those half-eaten on the deck.  I also found broken stalks, meaning, they had CLIMBED the plant to get to the tomatoes.  BOLD squirrels!  I wonder if the cayenne makes them crazy.  Sometimes they run along the deck railing, even when the cat is out on the deck.  My spouse chased one with a broom and trapped him in the corner away from his regular tree.  "Super Squirrel" took a flying leap, made a grab, slide, grab, slide, for another tree, much farther away.  We went down to check at the base of the tree just to make sure there wasn't a dead squirrel at the bottom.  All clear.

Tomato - before
Tomato - before
Tomato - after

tomato - after
And finally, the palm plant.  It still hasn't grown much in 3 months.  It might be time to put it to rest.

palm - before

palm - after
Ok, and while I'm at it, I'll mention that I haven't seen any more ducks in our yard.  But I have seen a goose.  No water, middle of the city, dogs and cats everywhere — what is the appeal?

resident goose

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