Monday, July 1, 2013

Writing Challenges

I'm starting a new writing challenge with my WriterPower meetup group:  Write a blog a day for the month of July.  I did this last year in June, and it was a great opportunity to write something new every day in the midst of my on-going revisions.

This year proves to be more of a challenge, though.  Since February or so, I've been having some problems with my right hand.  Some sort of tendonitis, trigger thumb and repetitive stress thing.  Oh, I know exactly what caused it.  During the winter I found some very fun games that I was playing on my computer.  I won't tell you where to find them because they are DANGEROUSLY addicting.  At least to me they were.

Ok, to be fair, the problem is probably not just caused by playing the game, but also how I use my laptop.  When I do precision work such as drawing or moving the cursor around for editing, I tend to use my right thumb as an anchor, hooking it under the bottom of the laptop just below the track pad.

But the games were what caused most of my pain.  There were three of them in the series - all about making chocolates and coffee drinks in factories, traveling around the world to sell them and collect new ingredients, haggling with vendors, and setting up shops in different countries.  There was also a storyline and, like reading a great novel, I was pleasantly immersed in the legacy of the chocolate factory owners, their family conflicts, and the impact of history and technology from the late 19th century to about the 1950s. 

Wow.  I was making virtual milk, dark and white chocolate bars, truffles, coffee drinks, and coffee blends; I was traveling to Morocco, Japan, Fiji, Indonesia, Argentina and Switzerland for unusual ingredients such as plantains, chocolate covered ants, currents, wasabi and chili peppers as well as milk, sugar, cocoa, all kinds of nuts, and fruit. Food, chocolate, travel, creativity, history and a story line - a lot of my favorite things rolled into one game.

So, I had to delete the games.  They were hurting my wrist and eating my time.  Unfortunately, I can't just delete the pain in my wrist.  A few years ago when I was having trouble, I was given a cortisone shot and it cleared up right away, but I was told I shouldn't do that too often.  I've tried a lot of other things - chiropractic, ice and heat, stretching, wrist wraps, prednisone, vitamins, herbs and acupuncture.  Doing other things like yoga helps and also washing dishes - scrubbing pans under warm water.

If anyone has any other suggestions or ideas, please let me know. 

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