Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?

Does anyone remember that Doris Day movie from the 1960s?

I think I was asking everyone that same question last week when that major storm hit the Twin Cities.  We were having dinner at Shish in St. Paul and watching the rain come down in sheets, large trees flopping back and forth in the wind, and the steady river running down the street.  We stayed in the restaurant for an extra half hour and ordered dessert while we waited for the storm to calm down.

Going home we decided to avoid any freeways because they tend to collect water under some of the bridges.  But you also had to avoid getting too close to some of the curbs because the water could collect in the low places there as well.

About a mile from home we came to a train bridge, and there was a wall of water coming down from above.  We should have turned down another street, but we went through it.  Now I know what it's like to go through a car wash!

We turned the corner on our street, and our way was blocked again, this time by a tree that had fallen across the road.  Fortunately there was another way around so we could get to our house, but then the power was out.

Brushing your teeth by candlelight and roaming around with flashlights can be fun for the first night, (my spouse even found some headlamps that we could use) but after a few days, it gets old.  We kept the house closed up and it stayed relatively cool.  Like everyone else, we bought ice at Target and stocked our coolers and put about four bags into our refrigerator, treating it like a giant icebox.  Of course we had to deal with the lakes of melted ice several hours later.

After a few days we invoked the help of friends and relatives for food storage alternatives.  Wearing headlamps we emptied out our fridge, freezer and chest freezer, making decisions on what to keep, what to toss, what we'd need for breakfast the next day. 

Our power was out from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.  We were fortunate.  Some of our friends didn't get their power back until Monday, and then, their AC went out.  For others, power didn't return until Tues. or Wed.  Another friend had to deal with a flooded basement and surly water extractors (because all the good ones were busy).

I took a drive through other parts of the cities and some of them looked like war zones - full grown trees across the roads, sidewalks buckled up and branches strewn all over front and back yards.

It was quite an unusual experience.


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