Friday, July 5, 2013

Non-Green Thumb Gardening

I have a sister who does landscape architecture.  I have 2 other sisters that own and tend farms.  And then the others — sisters-in-law, brothers, nieces and nephews have houses with large outdoor gardens, but somehow I did not inherit the family green thumb.

I have killed cacti before that have been in my care.  And those air plants that don't need watering—they just will not cooperate for me.  Sometimes my best attempts to grow things come from the sprouted onions and potatoes in my bottom kitchen drawer that I salvage, put in a pot and surround with dirt.  Hey, if they want to grow under my care, why shouldn't I encourage them?

We live in a town house and don't have a yard; however, every year I put together a ramshackle deck garden and have become quite proud of my meager results. 

We received a few herbs from our farm share box and they're doing ok.  The mint especially seemed to enjoy the wet weather.

Assorted herbs and the second version of a shamrock plant from friends (bottom L)

 Anaheim peppers


My lopsided citronella plant.  I got a slip from Trotters several years ago.  It's a resilient plant which is just what I need.


Morning Glory in the early shadows.

My two tomato plants.  Last year my tomatoes became squirrel snacks until I sprinkled them with cayenne.  I had no trouble after that.

I have no idea what this one is.  This pot used to be a compost pile - everything from apple seeds to mango pits to potato and carrot peelings.  When I took it out after it had been wintered, there were several nice shoots coming up from the soil so I left them alone.  Readers and green thumbs, can you identify this plant? 

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