Friday, July 19, 2013

Exploring a Bit of the Windy City - Part 1

The thing about doing a month-long blog challenge in July is that I get to catch up on some of the things that happened earlier this year...

It seemed a little odd to take a trip to Chicago in early March, but we decided to take a few days and travel to the Windy City.  We enjoy riding the "L" and not having to rent a car.  Along the streets stores and shops appear in unexpected places - a well-known restaurant or retail store may be on the second floor of a hotel building. 

Shopping on State Street

I was in the market for a ball gown and decided to try the bigger versions of my favorite Minnesota stores:  Nordstrom's Rack, Macy's, Burlington Coat Company, T.J. Maxx.  Did not find what I was looking for. 


Field Museum of Natural History

Easy to spend a whole day here.
The Willis Tower

103rd Floor Sky Deck


I had visited Chicago and the Sears Tower (now called the Willis Tower) when I was in high school.  I even did a 4-H photography project on the subject.  It was great to visit again and note the changes:  You couldn't just buy your ticket and go up in the elevator.  You had to go through security and get checked.  Also, the observation deck now has outcroppings or alcoves where you can step in and be surrounded on 3 sides, top and bottom by glass so you feel like you're stepping out of a window.  It took a bit of courage to step into one of these and look down at the ground 103 floors below.  I tried standing on one foot, and it was tricky to keep my balance.

Union Station

Of course we love trains and depots, and in high school I remember traveling by Amtrak (leave the Twin Cities at midnight and arrive in Chicago by 7 or 8 a.m.) and lugging my suitcase through this depot.  Most of the passenger traffic now takes place below ground.

To be continued...

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