Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Baseball and Art in the Moment

Ok, I don't know a thing about sports.  I don't follow the games or the players, and I don't keep track of how many hits, home runs, touchdowns or goals an all-star player might have.

But I saw this picture and thought it was the neatest example of Art in the Moment.

Torii Hunter's famous catch in 2002
photo credit - The Bleacher Report

I love the movement and the lines of the players' bodies juxtaposed with the lines of the mural.  The human bodies look like they're interacting with the painted ones.  There is movement from the lower right corner to the extended gloved hand in the upper left and then the extended arm of the upper mural brings you across the center and to the right.  It's like a great piece of choreography.  (There are other photographs of this catch where the mural images appear closer to the players, as though supporting or lifting them, and it reminds me of contact improvisation.)

You couldn't have planned this picture for a photo shoot.  It just happened, and the photographer caught it beautifully.  You can duplicate the picture, but it would be almost impossible to duplicate the moment the art was created.

I know this was an historic event for Torii Hunter (as well as Barry Bonds), but for those of us who are more visually or kinesthetically inclined, this is like a piece of eye candy that makes your whole body gasp in response.

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