Monday, June 24, 2013

Duck Update

Just a quick update regarding our Web-footed Guests from May 5, 2013.  The ducks hung around for almost a week and then they disappeared, probably because of the lawn mowers that had come by.  When I went for a walk one day, I saw them (or another pair that looked like them) about half a mile away in another yard.  Still no water around, and still a rather populated area for these two, but there they were.

Then, one day the green-headed drake returned, all by himself.  I'll admit I was a bit upset because I thought he had lost his mate to some tragedy - a run-in with a car, some adventurous canine, or the "jungle" gray Tabby that lives a few doors down that has actually caught squirrels.

The drake waddled up and down along the driveways, among the puddles, vocalizing in sharp quacks, as though searching for his partner. I felt so sorry for him.  But after a few days, they returned again—both of them.  They had parked farther away, close to the house with the big barking dog, and the next day they were behind the neighbor's gas meter. 

Then after another day, they were gone, and I haven't seen them since.  But I'm very glad they stopped in to say goodbye!

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