Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NaNo 2012 Closure

Playing a little catch up here...

At the end of November I finished NaNoWriMo - 2 days early with 50,508 words.  The working title of my novel is Captain Jo, Rogue Lady Pyrate.  Right now the story is a dynamic mess of scenes which I will revisit at a future time, but I'm very happy to have taken the time to start putting this project together.

This year it was nice to start Nano knowing a few more friends that I could touch base with during the month.  The Twin Cities region is very active with a Kick off and TGIO (Thank God it's Over) parties.  In between there are write-ins all over the city, a 24-hour write-in, and a writing tour (28 hours) which has split off into three different areas of the city.

During the month I went to 10 write-ins at various places such as the Loft, Wilde Roast, and the Mpls. Public Library.  Now that it's December I'm back to "normal" writing and unusual dance projects.

Stay tuned....

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