Thursday, October 25, 2012

Music and Memories

Speaking of free activities at public libraries...

Last week my spouse and I attended a free music concert at the Central Library in downtown Minneapolis.  The concert was called "Tiptoe Through the Sixties," performed by singer, Prudence Johnson and Dan Chouinard, piano and accordion player.  I remembered seeing Prudence one time when she was leading the group Rio Nido at the Dakota Bar in Bandanna Square, St. Paul.

The concert was set up in a small auditorium, and there was a video screen framed by a picture of an old TV set.  They sang and played songs from the sixties and invited the audience to sing along.  There was everything from TV show themes (Gilligan's Island, Flintstones, Addams Family) to songs of the Viet Nam war protests and Woodstock (Blowin' in the Wind, One Tin Soldier, Buffalo Springfield Song (Stop Children, What's that sound...)) as well as the popular hits of the decade (Hit the Road Jack, Stand by Your Man, Camp Grenada).

While the music played, they had the lyrics projected on the screen along with well-known photos from that era and personal pictures from Prudence and Dan's family albums.  Having those ten years laid out like that, I developed a deeper and more personal understanding of that time period and all the monumental changes juxtaposed with normal everyday living.

At one point they read stories that people had submitted on their website about 60s nostalgia and since I had written one up, they read it during the show.  I wrote something about how I had been too young to understand the political unrest of the 60s, but I remembered writing letters to my brother who was stationed in Thailand.  I remembered penny candy such as Slo-pokes, candy necklaces, and wax lips, nails, and vampire teeth.  Some of my favorite songs were California Dreamin', Aquarius and Georgy Girl. 

I hadn't been to a music concert in a long time, and this turned out to be a very enjoyable evening.   

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