Monday, June 25, 2012

Unexpected Treats

Nothing profound for today, just a goofy little blog because it's getting close to midnight, and I'm tired.  So, here goes:

As I was taking a walk through one of my favorite parks, I saw some bright red raspberries along the path. I thought they looked ripe, but when I tasted one it was very tart.  Ok, so I figured I'd have to wait until August before they'd be ready.  

Then I went farther on and at another part of the path, I saw more bushes.  These ones had some purple berries.  Ok, so these are too small to be blackberries; they must be black raspberries.  I kept looking and found more so I started picking the dark berries because, after all, if I didn't pick them, someone else would, or they'd be food for the nearby critters.  Picking these berries was not without risk.  I had to step around prickly vines, and avoid stirring up the hornets buzzing around the bushes.  There weren't a ton of berries, but enough for a few small handfuls—a nice treat for that time of day.  

On another day I was walking down a road near my house and suddenly smelled something sweet and pungent.  It came from a patch of little white flowers with jagged green leaves.  They smelled a bit like mint, but not exactly, and the smell got stronger if I rubbed the leaves and flowers between my fingers.

When I went home, my cat was all over me wanting to rub himself on my hands.  Ah-ha, it's catnip!  I looked online to make sure, and then I went back down the road and picked some choice morsels for my furry friend.  So, he's been having a good old time with HIS unexpected treat, frolicking and acting like a kitten again (even though he's 15 years old). 

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