Sunday, June 17, 2012

Short and Sweet

Just so you know, ever since I've started this blog, my perspective on everyday things has changed.  In my normal day I've been more aware of how ordinary things or activities connect to art, and then, I wonder why I hadn't noticed those connections before.

For example...

A few days ago I was getting my hair done at my regular Cost Cutters with Chrissy, my regular hair stylist that I've been going to for several years now.  We were looking through a book of color samples which displayed one-inch pieces of hair dyed in the various shades of blonde, brunette and red and some exotic oranges, greens and purples.  Later, she's "painting" a frosting-like mixture of blonde with a slightly reddish shade onto my hair, and we're talking about how choosing the right color is important because it needs to go with the person's skin color and also work with the person's existing hair color.  She also told me that most people who color their hair at home don't know how to divide the hair so that it's evenly coated with the dye.   As a result the color comes out in patches, and they look like a leopard!

We also talked about hair cutting.  When she cuts hair, she looks at the shape of a person's face and considers how the cut can enhance the person's best features.  For example, if she has a client with a large squarish chin, she's not going to give them a cut that frames or emphasizes their already strong chin line.

Colors, shades, painting, shapes, framing... It's so obvious.  Why hadn't I noticed this before?

Thanks, Chrissy!

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