Sunday, June 3, 2012

Personal One-Liners

I'm on a 30-day blog challenge with my meetup group called WriterPower.  I'm on day three; I'm tired, and it's getting late.  So for this entry, just for fun, I'm going to list the first lines of my finished and unfinished novels.  (No, these are not published, yet.)  Hope you enjoy.

Kahlen had never heard a man scream before, and if she did, she imagined there’d be no sound. 

Pierre knew it would be different that Sunday when he went to dinner at his parents’ house.  

To Mourn and To Dance
Those who remembered Millie Serger would have called her peculiar.

Widows and Orphans
It was unorthodox for anyone living in Mallard, Illinois to call on a weeknight after eleven. 

Recessive Traits
Andy came back into town the same day they executed Timothy McVeigh.

Touching Infinity
Rory discovered Infinity at a very young age, but he wouldn't go there until several years later.

Ok,  since I have time, here are some first lines of my published short stories.
Each time Cayleen leaves her room, her ashen face in the scratched hallway mirror startles her. 

Bowing to the Seasons
He should have lingered in the doorway, the afternoon of Sonja's last concert.

And here are some first lines of some of my published creative nonfiction pieces:

Finding Trouble in My Life
"It'll only be for a week," said Mark, "but you can keep him if you want."

Journal to a Friend
“I wish everyone would let me run my own life!"

Have a Nice Day
I never knew his name.  In my mind he was the “Parking Lot Man.”

Buried Treasure
My manager’s words stung me. We sat in the break room, surrounded by stacks of shrink-wrapped software packages.

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  1. Nice to read more about you!!! :) Look forward to continuing our review work together! :) I appreciate your support! - Michelle