Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nature and Watercolors

Stately Silent Stalker
by Mary R. Hoel  (used with permission)
I had coffee the other day with my sister Mary.  We had the opportunity to sip our drinks under her paintings that were on display at the Dunn Brothers at Fairview and Co. Rd. B2 in Roseville.

My sister paints scenes and subjects from nature.  In her artist statement she says, “I seek to incorporate color, texture, rhythm and subtle surprises into my artistic creations.” 

I’ve known my sister all my life.  What’s fascinating is having the personal knowledge of all the different things she enjoys – gardening, music, homemaking, knitting—and seeing how these elements come together in her paintings. 

In her work Mary also strives to find unique perspectives - “challenging the viewer to see the subject of the artwork in a new way.”  At the coffee shop she pointed out the bright red sunset in "Stately Silent Stalker," her Great Blue Heron painting.  The brilliant red was caused by the residual haze from the forest fires out west.  In another painting (not pictured) she mentioned an unusual twist of a tree branch that bordered the edge.  “I think these are special viewpoints that God reveals just for me,” she says.

Purple Majesty
by Mary R. Hoel (used with permission)
My sister does a lot of different things; she’s a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher; she plays in a band, sings in choir, enjoys gardening and homemaking.  Painting is a relatively new activity for her, but I believe she’s found her sweet spot.

Mary's work will be on display at the Roseville Dunn Brothers until Aug. 10th.

During the month of July, you can also see her work at the Lexington Dunn Brothers.

You can also still catch her exhibit at Oakdale Discovery Center through June.  Call 612-203-8318 for more information.

Luscious Lilies
by Mary R. Hoel (used with permission)


  1. She is very talented! I love the Stately stalker.

  2. Yes your sister is really talented and it must feel great to see her artwork in public places!! :)