Sunday, June 10, 2012

Round Theatre and Round Photography

Just got back from seeing "The Hollow," an Agatha Christie play at Theatre in the Round Players.  We've gone to this theatre for years and have always enjoyed it because of the style - audience on all sides so that the actors play to all sides.  It gives more of a three-dimensional feel to the production (moreso than a proscenium or thrust stage), and you feel like you're right in the middle of what's happening as it's going on.  There's probably not a bad seat in the house.

Besides being an Agatha play with twists and turns in the plot, the actors had three-dimensional qualities as well.  I'm always amazed by what they do with the sets, having authentic period furniture and decor and some nice touches with a garden door entrance and a hanging chandelier.

TRP is the oldest community theatre in the Twin Cities.  This is their 60th year.  We've seen classics and favorites by Shakespeare, Shaw, Eugene O'Neill, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Sam Shepard and Neil Simon.  They also perform works by more current playwrights I haven't heard of before.

One side benefit to attending a play is that there is a gallery that features exhibits by local artists.  This time the exhibit was called "Tiny Planets" by Richard Mueller.  Pretty amazing.  It was a series of photographs of well-known places in the Twin Cities such as the Mill City Ruins, the Cherry Spoon, and the Basilica, but with a unique aspect of morphing the picture into a circle which stretched some of the familiar features of each location.  Each circle was placed on a sky background so it looked like they were floating.  It's hard to explain, but I did find his website.  See if you can recognize some of these well-known places.  Then, imagine yourself living on one of these "Tiny Planets," walking among the pathways and fitting in as a warped resident of this planet.  Is it really too much of a stretch (pun intended) from our own reality?


  1. Wonderful. I love the Round, it's one of our favorites. I'm bummed I missed this one. You've inspired me to check out their next season.

  2. They've got a great season next year! All's Well That Ends Well, Treasure Island, Summer and Smoke, Appointment With Death... to name a few.

  3. I love the wide variety of all of your topics. Thanks for writing! :)