Friday, June 1, 2012

Birding Around

I've had an unusual fascination with birds lately ever since we returned from our trip to Florida. In Florida we saw resident peacocks roaming freely in the parking lot where we rented our condo.  Along the beach there were several types of egrets flying over the ocean, once in while taking a nose dive into the waves and recovering with a wriggling fish.
In the Twin Cities area, one of my favorite places to see a variety of winged creatures (besides the MN Zoo) is in Roseville at Central Park.  It's less than a two-mile walk around Lake Bennett with options of other trails if you want to take a longer walk.  Once in a while there's a white crane perched on a log in the middle of the lake looking like a ghostly warped question mark against the surrounding green.  A Great Blue Heron circles the lake and stops off at different points (usually trying to avoid the walkers and joggers).  Pairs of ducks swim along together followed by a flotilla of ducklings, each creating a small wake as they paddle their feet in the water.  Of course, you'll see the common Mallards, but there are also the smaller wood ducks that look like they've been to the salon for one of those asymmetrical hair styles.

The baby geese (goslings) seem bigger this year.  Since it's been so warm this spring, the Canada geese probably got an early start on their nesting.  And watch out for the goose droppings!


  1. Nice to meet you! Good luck during this challenge!

  2. Thanks, I'll stop by and visit your site soon!

  3. Love the photos with your post! Great idea! Who can resist babies (goslings)?!