Friday, June 15, 2012

The Art of Journaling - Part III

I just can't seem to get away from these midnight blog entries.  Maybe my new alias will be the Midnight Blogger.

More about journaling....

When I wrote about things that made me mad, the blank page was a great place to just let it all out. But the odd thing was, if I waited long enough, I'd always find some sort of understanding, truth or bit of wisdom. As I continued to write, the words became more positive and my paragraphs formed into more comforting statements about myself or other people. From my mind, through my pen and down onto the paper, came understanding. I discovered ways that I could solve my issues or respond to the person who might have said something nasty to me.  I also saw how my life was a series of puzzle pieces and patterns that fit into a bigger life picture.  At the time I didn't realize it, but I was actually having a conversation with God.  God was not only listening, but through my writing, was also answering me.

Over time some of my entries became prayers, and sometimes I'd see concerns addressed or answered even though I may not have asked about them.

I suppose in this way writing is like putting your heart and soul on paper, and I'm sure that if you dabble in other art forms, it's a similar experience.  I know that dance, even more than writing, is a labor of love.  Sometimes I think I'm crazy to spend hours working on a piece, practicing, teaching others, and then it's all over in just a few minutes.  Yet, there is a fierce joy that follows.  I know people who draw and paint, and it's almost as though they're capturing a heartbeat moment measured in the blink of an eye.  Other visual artists can capture a global or universal idea just with their one piece of work.  And then there are musicians whose art requires patience and accuracy before they can develop the flavor of their work and the passion for it that can inspire others.

Scissors, glue, construction paper and fabric - reminders of school art projects where my main goal was about how I could do something completely different from anyone else in the room.  How can I be unique? How can I stand out?

I think that uniqueness and our pursuit of it as well as our willingness to take a risk and put ourselves and our Spirit out there is what defines and motivates us as artists - no matter what kind of art we create.  

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