Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Art of Journaling - Part II

Some of my favorite places to buy journals have been Barnes and Noble, Blick Art, Borders, Half Price books and various specialty gift shops and stationary/paper stores.

People journal for a lot of different reasons.  If you read published diaries by those from earlier centuries, there's a sort of formality to them.  It's almost as though they expected they'd have an audience at some point in the future.  I'm sure it was just the way they talked at the time, but even some of the mundane things come across as somewhat extraordinary just in the way they're presented.

The reason why I started keeping a journal was because I had to.  It was a place where I could manage the overwhelming parts of my life and at least pretend to keep them under control.  Though I grew up with a lot of people around me, I really had no one I could talk to on a consistent basis.  And those around me—my parents, my siblings, and my peers—were usually trying to figure it all out just like I was.

I'd write about things that bugged me or made me mad.  There were fits of jealousy and bouts of winter blues. The unfairness of life and the roller coaster of emotions influenced by hormones.  I also wrote about small victories or little things that I observed that I figured wouldn't matter to other people:
  • I was riding the bus one morning to work and noticed that the waste steam rising from the Horner Waldorf paper factory created a small rainbow on each side of the rising sun.
  • Sometimes when I drove south on 35W into downtown I'd keep my eye on Minneapolis skyline.  It would start on my left as a small patch and slowly grow larger.  It would dip from my view as I went under a bridge, and then all at once as you wound down into the city, it would sweep around the horizon from left to right, disappear one last time, and then reappear as you crossed over the river.
More later...


  1. I haven't written in a physical journal since I was about 14 and my mother decided to go through my room and read my letters from my boyfriend and my then diary. It is a shame she took that away from me because maybe writing down some of my angst might have helped while I was growing.

    I think I would love to go back over writing from back when I was younger.

    I now blog on a regular basis as a way to keep a history and keep me from getting to morose.

    Write on!

    1. What an awful experience! I hope you've been able to go back and revisit some of those memories. Sometimes it helps to bring healing to some of those wounds.
      Thanks for sharing and being open like you are.

  2. Hi - I also love to journal and started when I was in elementary school as a little girl. :) I have some of those journals saved and journal in my adult life from time to time especially when I need some answers/am struggling with something. :) Thanks for sharing ...


    1. That's so great that you have your old journals to refer to. Lots of good fodder for story conflict and setting description. I can see that in your work.